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Gifts For… Your Furry Family

23 December 2010 47,079 views No Comment

The 'guinea pigs' - Keegan and Hunter

H2O4K9 – This ingenious little water bottle works for man and best friend. It is a standard-sized stainless steel water bottle with a BPA-free cap. The cap is a cup, perfectly sized and snout-shaped to hold a drink of water for your dog. Perfect for a day at the dog park or cut down on the stuff you need to carry on a hike. Even Keegan, my ‘fraidy-cat pup has no problem sticking his snout in there.

Scaredy Cut – These little clippers are designed to give your pet an even hair cut without scaring them off with loud, motorized clippers. Six different guide combs accomodate a variety of fur lengths (though I found them difficult to attach). Just brush your furball into a relaxed state, then clip as desired. The aforementioned Keegan doesn’t even like to be brushed, but this one didn’t bother him. I don’t think I could do a full haircut on my boys, but Keegan has long fur that gets unruly around his ears and butt, so this is a perfect between-grooming solution.

Canine Caviar – Not actually caviar, this grain-fed buffalo jerky has 70% to 90% less fat than traditional beef chews, and 50% less cholesterol. It’s a long-lasting chew, which of course is great for doggy teeth and gums. My boys loved their chews. It kept them busy for an hour – perfect on a rainy day. Hunter looked rather sad when he finished his. The downside? The treats stink. I mean, really stink. But my boys are happy, so I am happy. I have scented candles for a reason. A portion of the proceeds go towards canine cancer research.

Bark Code – Many years ago, while my family was on vacation, my dog ran away from my grandparents, who were watching her. My parents didn’t tell us until after our dog was safely returned, but the thought was horrible and terrifying. Bark Code takes microchipping to the next level. By registering with the company, your pup gets a tag to wear on his collar that has a digital barcode. A quick scan on any smartphone will pull up a profile on your dog. You can put as much information as you want on your pet’s profile: half a dozen contact names and numbers, vet info, medical concerns, microchip number, pet insurance info, notes, and much more. The moment your pet disappears, you can log on to the website and update your pet’s info with where he was last seen. There is a monthly fee to keep the web profile active, but rates are as low as $10 a year. A portion of the proceeds go towards no-kill rescue shelters.

Out of the Box Dog Training Game – This box of 56 flashcards offers some fun, unique ideas for training your dog. All the training exercises utilize positive reinforcement and bonding between you and your dog. Some of my favorites include: taking your dog on a “tour” of the house, giving the “wait” command at each doorway; an indoor scavenger hunt with kibble or treats; cuddle with your dog while reading a story; when you take your dog for a walk, give him a treat when you hear another dog – this reinforces a positive reaction to other canines; play hide n’ seek with your dog; and letting your dog take YOU for a walk.

DogToids – These doggy mints don’t smell minty – they actually smell kind of beefy, but boy, do they neutralize doggy breath!

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