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Banglz – Look Good While Burning Calories

2 February 2010 65,075 views No Comment

Between desk jobs and mass transit, people are more sedentary than ever. Hell, I am writing this report from bed. So every little bit to help burn calories is welcome.

Banglz offers an easy way to do this with ankle and wrist weights that are meant to be worn everyday. These soft velcro weights are quick and easy to put on, and come in 1lb. ankle and 1lb. or 1/2 lb. wrist varieties. But sure, you can buy wrist and ankle weights anywhere. What makes these special? First, they are soft. The weights are rounded neoprene sleeves filled with sand. There are no pointy edges or lumps to deal with. But what really sets Banglz apart are the styles. Banglz come in a dozen different colors and patterns: black and white chain print, retro polka-dots, denim, zebra, tie-dye, and more.

The idea behind Banglz is that they are stylish enough to be worn every day. They aren’t going to fool anyone – they are bulky in a way that even the chunkiest jewelry is not. But they are certainly cute, and far more stylish and comfortable than traditional weights. Once, many moons ago, I bought a set of Reebok wrist and ankle weights but they were clunky and painful to wear. They now sit in a box in the closet. Banglz are appealing to the eye and the touch, making me more likely to put them on, even if it just to take the dog for a walk or while doing laundry. Every little bit, right?

Banglz are reasonably priced at $25 per pair. The fabric covers are not attached to the weights, so they can be washed separately. I would love to be able to buy additional covers without having to purchase new weights. A girl’s gotta accessorize.

Available at Amazon.com or Banglz.com

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